Sunday, July 05, 2009

Back in SF. Two gigs this week!

I'm freezing in San Francisco's clammy, windy summer, having become a delicate tropical flower over the past 6 months.

But I can't complain, I'm in the Mission district, full of some proper cal-mex food. Don't think my posts on Jamaica (or pictures --and I do have video too--) are over.

Also on the subject of future posts: Friday night, my first full night back in SF, I went to a party which kicked off further thoughts on the whole Major Lazer thing. I saw a dubstep/lazerbass/future blap party with my awesome homies Lazer Sword, Annasia, Sam Supa, Bogle & Dials (and No New York), at which someone played a Major Lazer tune.. While dancing, sweating, and saying hi to old friends, I was also inspired to think a bit more about who was there, where it was, and how people responded to the music, as compared to where I spent the last few months. So that is forthcoming.

But in real world, physical-experience-type news, I must announce I have two gigs this week! Gig #1 in Oakland, #2 in San Francisco!

In Oakland, at Descendants United the creation of Chief Boima and Aebl Dee, on Thursday, July 9. RSVP here or on facebook

And on Friday, July 10th:


  1. Rockin'! What time do you go on?

    - JL

  2. 11:30 or so tomorrow, and 1am or so on Friday

  3. Hey that laday gaga remix is big I herad it on Rinse today !
    where can i get it ?