Tuesday, July 28, 2009

upcoming gigs and hops

Re-connecting to the Bay Area has been pretty much pretty fun. Had a quick hop to Los Angeles as well. But now I'm looking at another few weeks here before I go on the road again, partly for research purposes, touching down here and there in North America and beyond..

So, I'm now looking to connect with Jamaicans involved with music in New York (I'll be there August 21-Sept 10), in Toronto (I'll be there late October-early november), and in London (I'll be there in December).

In between, I am also hopping a surprising number of places. I have some gigs lined up already, and some surprises to come. To begin with:

August 7th --> Festival - a huuuuuge party at The Bordello in Oakland. I'm playing early (10-11pm) which means I get to run around and enjoy the rest of the party afterwards. This one's $20 bucks but you get an amazing location and a really impressive lineup. Dj Eva Lee and the Redline crew have really pulled out all the stops and pulled an amazing crew together, big up!!

August 21st --> Ny Tropical. Glasslands, Brooklyn. I'm super-honored and excited to get up at this party, which has been going great guns for the Dutty Artz crew. Expect bass. Fertile sounds. and heat. Also cheap! $5 before 11, $8 after. Not sure of the full lineup yet but you can't complain with folks like Geko Jones, Lamin, Uproot Andy, Taliesin, Matt Shadetek, and DJ /Rupture on call..

August 24th --> Beat Research. Enormous Room, Cambridge MA. Love these guys. coming home to my peeps and beats. Big shoutout to new papa (x2!!) Dj Flack, and continuing papa (x2) Wayne&wax, as well as Dj pace, and other good people in attendance and on deck. Free!

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  1. i'll be in NYC the first weekend in September, which looks like the last weekend you'll be there. there's a warp records thing going on that weekend that Clark is playing at, but other than that, i'm on the lookout for cool nights to hit, so if you have something cool that weekend, let me know. :)