Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In Brisbane, the Dank Morass crew seemed pretty much musical family. The rows of gorgeous posters on Walrii's wall represented nearly everyone Surya Dub has hosted in the past two years:  FlyLo, the Bug & Warrior Queen, more in that vein. The family vibe continued with several large, home-cooked meals and some lively conversation. Lest you think we dj crews are all philistines, I'll share that topics included the relative merits of Tolstoy vs. Dostoevsky, cooking tips, and high-minded issues in global politics.

But we were all there for the music and after a nice stroll round town on Wednesday I headed to the gig in a nice little venue not really in the center of town - Club 320, in Spring Hill. The Scuba Tank parties are, I think, a collaboration between White Rhino and Dank Morass, and are free wednesday night events in a smallish venue with a solid sound system. The walls are brick, the lighting dim, the bar lines one side and there's a raised wooden dancefloor opposite the DJ table. People were trickling in by 9pm, and by the time I went on there was a nice crowd of people. What I liked was that once again people came in and a good percentage went straight to the dancefloor as if that was their main goal of the evening. Warms my heart! It seemed like a crowd of men and women in their early to mid 20s, unless I'm super-mistaken? Pretty good mix, gender-wise, mostly white folks (as I shouldn't be surprised), pretty unpretentious crew overall, a good, happy weeknight party!

Everyone played nice eclectic warm sets - Arku's skimming the housier side of things, Danck and Walrii bringing that dosed & dreamy breaky sounds in the Brainfeeder sort of style mixed with some dilla-esque hip-hop. Walrii worked the breaks into some turntablism but without losing the musicality. It's all licked with bass and skitters, and people sway and bump in increasing numbers as the dim room fills. I start out chillish but pick it up and take the crowd through a range of dubby and dreamy styles, with a little crunch for contrast. Something about the warmth of the room draws me into dubby 2-step which does bring out some cheers from the crowd, but in generally I feel the love anyway as people dance without stopping till the end of the night.

I'm really sad I forgot to take pictures during the party. I took some pix of Brisbane, which was lovely, but somehow I forgot the gig pics! I'm not good at remembering that, but some will show up for other gig reports.

Earlier that day I had given a talk about my research to students in the music department at Queensland University of Technology. It was a great chance to develop my talks that incorporate more music-playing, and it really felt more like a dj performance. One thing about people under 25 (which I venture most of the TINA talk attenders were not) is that when they start losing interest or getting distracted it's really obvious - you gotta change up the scene quick or you lose them. Luckily I had music lined up to play, and funny bits to talk about, and it was all the more pleasing to explain something, then play the music and watch people laugh in recognition of what I was just talking about. Also, i should maybe play "This is why I'm hot" as the intro to all of my talks, maybe as I walk in, it's a nice intro tune as people file in and I make my entrance...

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