Monday, October 05, 2009

wow. hooray.

ATTN Melbourne people who asked me about where I'm playing there: Friday Oct 9 at Roxanne Lounge see info here
 (Sydneyites should know that I'm playing Dirty Shirlows in Marrickville Oct 10.)
and of course it's Brisbane this Wednesday the 7th for Scuba Tank at the 320 club.

First round of events in Newcastle are over. It went really fast, too fast of course. But it was an unqualified awesome success of a weekend. For which I must thank the organizers of Electrofringe, Sound Summit and This Is Not Art.

The small, somewhat depressed former coal/steel town of Newcastle hosts this art fest every year. It reminded me a lot of PopMontreal plus a lot more electronic music represented. A great DIY spirit, but on a larger scale than I would have thought possible. An art fest, music fest, music conference, zine fest, writers fest, and lots of other stuff all rolled into one, taking up 5 days and with guests from all over Australia and beyond, in the case of a lucky crew (including me). The whole place appeared overrun with various strains of artist folk, from the circus/bodypaint/stilts crew to blackclad beardy diy punx, fabulous vixens in waisted dresses heels and fascinators slugging rum from a brown bag bottle,  lean youth in neon colors and missing-piece haircuts tilting down the streets in crews of 2 or 3.. I was glad to catch a pretty wide range of events, and meet some pretty fabulous people. Everyone was very warm, very talented, and really fun to talk to.  Pure delight basically!

Both panels I was on went quite well, and I tried something new with my talk by integrating a lot of music-playing into my story. I think this is the way forward, although I definitely need a better way to do slides and music than Powerpoint, whose interface for playing music while talking is simply horrible. But the cool thing was I crammed a lot of information in there, but I didn't seem to lose anyone! People seemed really into it, and asked great questions... some new ideas came out of it for a lot of us I think, which is always a win.

And i had the honor of playing the showcase on Saturday night, after Melbourne heroes Bum Creek, and before breakcore legend Toecutter. It was the perfect setup, because before me it was high-energy but more performance-oriented than danceable, and after me was storming explosive breakcore pop hilarity, so I had a nice sonic and energy trajectory to ride.. and ride we all did. The crowd basically went nuts, people danced like maniacs, there was an ocean of cheers raaaahhhh and Toecutter actually had a bit of a task to get people to settle down and turn towards the stage again.

so thanks go out eternally to the crew for making it all happen. the tech cats were delightful, the woman who initially invited me served me homemade vegan pancakes on the first day, the sound system was boooming, the gabba aerobics team kicked ass, i got to play an after party by teaching myself how to use a new dj software and djing off a USB drive on the fly.. good times.

now, Brisbane! hello!


  1. Hey - that was an A-W-E-S-O-M-E set at the Cambridge, everyone was grinning and dancing... hopefully catch you @ Roxanne's on Friday in Melb!

  2. Yo! Thanks once again for tearing the roof off at the Cambridge, plus good shennangians at the China Club on Sunday. I felt guilty as an (ex) This Is Not Art organiser that we were in the space without permission, but hey ... it was worth it!

    See you on Friday, along with 2/3 of the Melbourne TINA contingent. It's shaping up to be a bit of a reunion ;)