Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music of 2009

I’m just going to put some lists (NOT IN ORDER) out there, music I've been feelin over the past year.

These are things that are released or that I got my hands on in 2009. I play a lot of tracks that are older, and at some point I should shout ot those stalwarts in the collection, but I'm trying to stick to a theme here.

Folks whose music I love and rocked the dancefloor unstoppably, who I learned about or gained a new love for in 2009:
  1. Schlachthofbronx – Oh man, perfect party music
  2. Taal Mala – out of Canada, making some of my favorite dancefloor movers for the dubstep style
  3. Grievous Angel - some of my favorite takes on UK Funky come from him
  4. Ku Bo - continuing with that witchy minimal tropical shuffle sound
  5. Kush Arora - Surya Dub crew, forging his own sound in several directions at once
  6. Sully (hoorah for the return of the 2step!)
  7. Akira Kiteshi
  8. Bunji Garlin - one of the most fun vocalists out of the caribbean.
  9. Kill Frenzy - I think it's Belgium does Juke?
  10. Soundcloud discoveries: Flore, Gizmode, Ghost Hack, Sa’bat sound, Dmoefunk, blnd!

Tunes at the top of the playlist
  1. Sarantis feat. Honey Brown “Fall in Love”
  2. Murderbot feat Hawatha Hurd, “Roll another one”
  3. Babylon System “Get on up”
  4. Process Rebel vs. Sinead O’Connor “Vampire Booty Stepper”
  5. Robot Koch remixing Doshy
  6. Busy Signal “Up in her Belly” (Magalenha riddim)
  7. L-Vis 1990 remix of Untold’s “Anaconda”
  8. Boy 8-bit remix of South Rakkas Crew’s “Mad Again”
  9. Ale Fillman Skanker remix of Outrun “8 Bit Spliff”
  10. Reso’s Aguardiente remix of Buraka Som Sistema “Kalemba”
  11. Octa Push "Ai Nadia"
  12. Gizmode "Crackstep"

Stuff (Albums & mixes) I played at home and out and about
  1. Roots Uprising album – really solid fun UK Digital roots from the Reggae Roast ceew. Great vocals. Diverse styles. Super nice people throwing great parties in London, what’s not to love?
  2. King Midas Sound - the latest from The Bug/Kevin Martin with incredible mystery and dreamlike vocals
  3. Disrupt - jahtari continues to lay down 8bit roots
  4. Clive Hunt and the Dub Dancers - discovered in JA, published in France. Deep!
  5. Ras G - My favorite of this sort of psychedelic thing
  6. Filastine - nomad bass abounds in his mixes and albums
  7. Unsoundbwoy - australian stormer -check his lizardstyle mix!
  8. Foundation Stepper - Australian roots providers
  9. Dr. Auratheft's "Jamaican Soul Jazz Originals" mix. as on the label, lovely..
  10. Lowdjo - balkanotropical mixes galore!

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