Sunday, February 14, 2010

peeking! Chapel Hill represent!

I've been up in the air for so many months, touching down for gigs & links with lovely peoples here and there, but sadly remiss on blogging. A full, "welcome-to-2010" post, with a lot of music in it will come by next weekend, I plan to write it on the road next week. Yes, still on the road.

Next week, Wednesday-Saturday I will be speaking at two events at the Collaborations: Humanities Arts and Technology festival at the University of North Carolina.

Wednesday, I'm on a panel entitled "Music and New Media" where I am alongside an interesting roster of people including the awesome Professor J. Jenkins, co-author of a fantastic comic book explaining (c) law for documentary filmmakers (and it's worth reading for anyone curious about the limits and idiocies of 21st century copyright law enforcement).

Friday, I'm part of a "Festival on the Hill" event on the Art And Culture of the DJ, alongside illustrious folks like O-dub and and the event features a lot of great musical workshops and performances. And to top it all off, I'm djing, courtesy of the fantastic One Duran and Yugen -  that night!

BUSTED! Presents a night of tropical bass, dubstep, glitch, UK funky house, and other low-end music.

Friday, Feb 19th
10pm til 2am
@ Fuse, Chapel Hill
No cover!

Meanwhile, big big BIIIIIIG thanks to the Slayers Club for throwing down another amazing party at Club 6... King Cannibal did the slaying, with Nastynasty and the Slayers Club Djs sharpshooting alongside and GhostBeard did the cleanup. I did my bit as best I could for the dancing peoples on the early side. Such a nice vibe in there, Club 6 has many happy memories as the home of Surya Dub for two years (the bouncers remembered me, and bigged up my djing, which coming from the captive audience who hear a LOTTA djs, made me feel pretty good). So good, people, good place, good sounds all around.. Slayers club brings quality, every time!

and on the latenight side, Monsters of Love blew up as always. Extra hollas to the folks providing coconut water at the bar. This should be a staple of all bars. But especially at after-hours latenight warehouse parties. And the music was stormin, just caught some killah sets by one of my favorites: Amandroid, the demonic Venkman, and a live PA by someone called... foxfire? fox something. She was great. I also was lucky enough to play a screaming breakcore-mashup-ragga-dubcore-sissybounce-jungle-dancehall-robocumbia-dubstep-glitch-bailefunk-booty set later in the morning.. thanks to everyone in it for the long haul..

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