Monday, March 29, 2010

NYC(NJ/WFMU), Pittsburgh (YAY), back to NYC for a night. (but what a night!)

The radio show with /rupture was smashing.The conversation was super fun, when you have someone as smart and challenging and deep as /rupture to talk to it's like the air gets smarter around us. Seriously I wish we could hang out more often because I think I'd finish my PhD sooner.. Anyway big BIG ups to /rupture (and lamin behind the scenes) for making it happen. the whole thing is archived and of course you can subscribe to eth podcast here (mine isn't up there yet but will be soon)

And then I headed to Pittsburgh, despite Jetblue's best efforts to screw up my travel plans.
For the brave folks who came out to the Brillo Box in the rain last Thursday, I brought it as hard as I could.. whomping dubstep with global 8bit flavor, plus bhangra glitch, panama jerk, and a touch of breakcore. The crowd seemed up for it all, and danced like mad. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make it a great party.

First of course is James Gyre, the genre-confounding musical compatriot, who also took the time to show me more fun things in Pittsburgh in 24 hours than I got out of more famous cities in a week. I met his awesome wife, and his two crazy-adorable kids, and generally left witha  good feeling.

My favorite comments for the night were from two women who had been tearing up the dancefloor:
"we danced our f*in pants off!" said one after thanking me on her way out. 
"yeah," said the other one "I don't even know who I am anymore!" 
Testimony of a good party, eh?

So next time we rock it even harder!

And now it's on to my last easterly gig for a while, courtsey of, Pharoah and other good people, we are doing a FREE gig at Sin Sin in the East Village!


  1. Woot!

    (river says (upon seeing the flyer on your blog) "we met that d.j.!!!")

  2. I heard you on /rupture's show. I loved the Jamaican music history and discussion of copyright law. The music was pretty good, too. I always love hearing that early 60s Prince Buster type stuff.

  3. thanks! Glad it made sense..and yes, it's great music, criminally underplayed in the US..