Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Balkans backtrack

So. A while back, I played in Belgrade. I can't believe I didn't blog about it! But, well, I had a lot on my mind. Anyway, through the magic of the internets, I was able to play a show in Belgrade on Serbian new year. It was at a cool little club called The Wash (some kind of laundromat reference). Hosted by Mythical Didjez and Zeka Yebiggah (whose name means something rather naughty in serbo-croatian).. in the nasty winter weather... and they made a video, or Serbian local television did.

It's a nice section of the set, they chose. It's too bad you can't see the crowd, but I guarantee you there was dancing aplenty, including some fairly inspired freestyle bellydance stuff. Thanks again, and I hope to come back to the Balkans this summer --anyone wanting to book me please get in touch!