Thursday, May 06, 2010

Toronto, gigs & radio, searching out peoples

I've been in Toronto two weeks now. What a great city! Big BIG thanks to the dubslingers for all their hospitality, musical and otherwise. I played on their weekly semi-officially last Wednesday, and then even less officially I tagteamed last night, having the honor of following the mighty Marcus Visionary who laid down a beautifully diverse and expertly mixed set ranging from Tropical Bass to his own Ragga Jungle tracks. A tough act to follow!

But luckily for us all, I had managed to stock my laptop with a few choice ragga cuts to carry on the vibe (I was wishing so hard I had all my beautiful ragga jungle vinyl that I just unpacked a month ago.. but it's all in SF). Beginning the set with "Intelligent woman" got everyone happy (that tune has the best drop EVER), and I was over the moon because I saw more than one person who knew the words. It's been YEARs since I've played to a crowd who really knows their ragga jungle. Really, the caribbean flavor in Toronto is hard to miss, plus the UK dance music influence, it makes this town feel really good to me, musically and otherwise.

I'm here doing my research, the last bit of fieldwork on the same project that took me to Kingston, Jamaica last year. So far it's been amazing, I have meet meeting some fantastic Djs and musicians and scholars who have been telling me about Jamaicans making music in Toronto and beyond. Still looking for more, though! feel free to get in touch here if you want to chat about such things in Toronto!

And I've been able to take my story public. Following on the great interview DJ /rupture did with me on WFMU back in March (archived here), I went on the great local radio show The Abstract Index, on CIUT and the host and I talked some about my work, and I played a few tracks. That will be archived soon, I will post that up here as soon as I get a link.

I feel slightly iffier about how I did on this one - there were some technical difficulties (I think they are new to that station, it just moved locations), which meant that initially I wasn't answering the questions very well and was rather rambly, and also we didn't figure out how to hook up my laptop till late in the show. But I got to drop some great dub tracks from the past to the present - it makes me want to play a proper dub set, something I haven't had the chance to do in years. hmmmm...

in other news, I'm hopefully djing a set on the radio on Saturday night, gotta get confirmation on that, but if it goes well you can check airwaves at 10pm toronto time for another slice of DJ Ripley!

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