Tuesday, July 13, 2010

recaps and a Berlin gig

FIRST (posting from berlin hello!!): Ripley in Berlin for a few hot days this summer.. a gig is
percolating in the background, but I have enough details I'll give warning, and will finalize infos tomorrow morning (WEDNESDAY) which is the day it should be happening..

 So it looks like it's the Knochenbox, upstairs from the theater/chapel, Boxhagener str 99, Friedrichshain Wednesday night, if it all goes down I'll be on at 11:15 or so, but I'll likely be there
from 10 at least to hang out! woo! Show will also be broadcast live on http://www.wirelessfm.net/

big big thanks to DJ Delay, Coost Lardy Cake and more.

And to recap: it's been a crazy few months!

I spent some of April & June in Toronto, which was simply amazing, partly due to the generous efforts of DJ Capro, and his whole crew. I  was lucky to link with him and play a few shows at the Thymeless club which was a great hub of Jamaican and bass music in the city. I was there for research, but Capro & co made it a really musically inspiring experience. Also big thanks to the mighty Marcus Visionary for the great music and for sparing so much time for me. Check his funky funky uk funky album Carib for a sample of some of his new directions, I was lucky enough to play a set with him and just basked in the glow of the great music and the great audience.

I really loved Toronto, both for the music scene (with plenty of Jamaican-influenced UK dance music flavor), and the city overall.

And then since then I have been all over the place as usual, while I was back in San Fran we the Surya Dub crew finally started up another big show, with special guest Poirier and all our usual suspects coming through.. I played at Dirty Dishes, courtesy of the Tasty crew... had an amazing series of events in Jackson, Mississippi

I started a facebook page, you can add me there and keep abreast of this and also that.. but it will be quiet for the next month, I'm in Berlin until the 18th July and then I'm in Croatia and off internet until August 13 when I surface for a gig in Hamburg: Wob Wob represent!

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