Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Landed again - seeking your help: vote for ripley's panel

After 1 month in Croatia, a quick stop in Hamburg for a terrific gig courtesy of the WobWob crew, now I'm back in San Francisco.

Lots of things on the horizon, but most urgent now is that I need your help dear readers (few & proud!!). I'm hoping to presenting at South By Southwest in spring 2011 on a panel alongside some other fabulous peoples.. but only if our panel gets enough votes (I think comments are good too!)

I'm lucky enough to be proposing a panel with some awesome folks, one from UC Berkeley I-school and one from the UC Berkeley Law Technology & Public Policy clinic). The panel is called:

"Music and Metadata - Do Songs Remain the Same?"

And the description:
Metadata may be an afterthought when it comes to most people's digital music collections, but when it comes to finding, buying, selling, rating, sharing, or describing music, little matters more. Metadata defines how we interact and talk about music—from discreet bits like titles, styles, artists, genres to its broader context and history. Metadata builds communities and industries, from the local fan base to the online social network. Its value is immense. But who owns it? Some sources are open, peer-produced and free. Others are proprietary and come with a hefty fee. And who determines its accuracy?
From CDDB to MusicBrainz and Music Genome Project to AllMusic, our panel will explore the importance of metadata and information about music from three angles. First, production, where we'll talk about the quality and accuracy of peer-produced sources for metatdata and music information, like MusicBrainz and Wikipedia, versus proprietary sources, like CDDB. Second, we'll look at the social importance of music data, like how we use it to discuss music and how we tag it to enhance music description and discovery. Finally, we'll look at some legal issues, specifically how patent, copyright, and click-through agreements affect portability and ownership of data and how metadata plays into or out of the battles over "walled garden" systems like Facebook and Apple's iEmpire. We'll also play a meta-game with metadata during the panel to demonstrate how it works and why it is important.

So for the panel to be accepted, it needs to be voted on by, well, YOU. So,  please vote for the panel!

We have proposed it for both SXSW weeks,
SXSW music
or SXSW interactive

you can I think vote for it in both, too!

I am also looking for gigs at SXSW so I can play while I'm there in Austin TX. feel free to link me with anyone you know who might be of help.

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