Wednesday, August 25, 2010

radio show rebroadcast (& last chance to vote for my panel!)

(friday the 27th is the last day to vote for my panel for SXSW! please vote!)

Ah, I'm finally on the bill with Filastine.. but only on a recorded broadcast! One day we'll be on an event together..

Anyway, this, following Filastine's set, will be a rebroadcast of the set I did originally for Tasty Cyanide Radio - it will be hitting the airwaves on the fantastic & long-running show Back To The Basics, out of Hamburg, run by one of the masterminds of the Wobwob crew (with whom I played a few short weeks ago)..

The show goes live Thursday, August 26th, 22:00 German time, which is 1pm (13:00) out here in California... Around that time I'll put it up on my Soundcloud page, so all you kids can listen along (or download) ever after...

I will be doing a set specifically for BTTB sometime this winter, but until then, this will represent me and my peoples - lots of good music representing some of the great people I have had the luck to work with (check the tracklist at BTTB or Soundcloud after Thursday!)

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