Monday, January 10, 2011

Kingston Hot, try to bring it to DC and then round it up in SF

(my set & interview from a few months ago on SanguineSoul show on Pirate Cat radio is up: check it here for rocksteady, dub, glitch, cumbia, d&b, jungle and a bit of bhangra for good measure, plus a chat about sampling and ethics at the end)

Yes, a great week in Kingston (finally getting some beach in there right at the end)... Highlights include speaking to great and talented artists/producers like ZJ Sparks, Dj Krush and Natalie Storm (woy!), but also connecting to the many amazing people whom I got to know when I was here last year.

And too soon I will have to leave. But before I head back to SF to be a graduate student instructor for Property and Liberty (a really fun undergrad legal studies course at UC Berkeley), I stop off in Washington DC for World's Fair Use Day on January 13th
  The great people at Public Knowledge have rounded up an amazing lineup of artists and thinkers for what should be a really inspiring set of discussions. People from KnowYourMeme, Negativland, ROFLCon, the US Copyright Office, the Cheezburger network, the fine and Dutty arts and from academia, will all be on a variety of panels throughout the day. When Dj /Rupture is the keynote you know things are getting deep.

I'm definitely looking forward to my panel discussion moderated by Kevin Driscoll (Dj Lone Wolf) that includes me and the inimitable Das Racist. I can only assume hijinks will ensue. At law conferences I'm the clown, but I suspect I'll be the straight man on this bill. Don't miss it!

It's completely free (as is appropriate) but you must RSVP to ensure you get in.

Continuing the theme, looks like I've just been tapped to DJ the Wikimedia Foundation's 10 year anniversary party for Wikipedia, in San Francisco, at the Gray Area Foundation For The Arts  on Saturday the 15th of January! More details to follow.

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