Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roundup & last gig for a while in the Boston Area

It's been an intense summer. (tl:dr? info on the gig here (fb) or here)
Luckily, I've had the chance to meet up with amazing people, through giving some talks
-at the Social Media Research Collective at Microsoft Research Labs
-at dorkbot pittsburgh (review of talk & show here)
and play some AMAZING gigs (see sidebar)

And I managed to get involved in some interesting (as well as damn silly) debates online and off about music, politics, global power, ethics, taste, and law.. all that hot stuff. I decided to take it a step further and invite some of my favorite people whose voices should be heard more, to participate more formally in some of these conversations - so please vote for my proposed panels at SXSW
(featuring Chief Boima (Dutty Artz), Dj rAt (Anthology of Booty), Tina Piper (Center for Intellectual Property Policy) and me!): &

and shortly I hope to announce another panel featuring MORE of the most interesting and critical  djs/promoters/scholars I know.

But in the meantime, Boston area peoples, come out to Beat Research on Monday the 22nd of August and hear me and DJ Refusenik throw down!

Ripley's taking off

Friday, August 05, 2011


My internet presence has been lots elsewhere. Some various discussions on the government-monitored, corporate-ownership-of-daily-life site (the older one, not the plussy one). Some great Twitter conversations (one with the one like ProdigalEntertainment especially) and a good three-way convergence via Twitter, email and FB with various members of the Anthology of Booty crew in DC, with whom I hope to work in October, because it looks like I will be coming through DC again at last!

I've been lucky enough to get some great gigs this summer - last week playing with Kingdom, Dev/Null and DJ LeahV in Boston, and this weekend two gigs tomorrow - a free daytime set in the park as part of the Free BASSin' in the park event. The whole thing goes from 1-7, I'm in the latter half, sometime between 4 and 7.

Later in the evening, I'll be throwin down with the Tsunami Bass Experience fundraiser (FUNDBASSIN) down near the Morgan ave side of things in Brooklyn. This one is $10 presale (get tickets here) or more on the door. The lineup for this is equally sick: Joro Boro, Barney Iller, Morphous & Shizaru (Tsunami Bass Experience) and Doppelgenger (Tokyo Bass Culture special guest).

I'm thrilled to finally play with Joro Boro, super excited for bass music stalwart (and killah producer) Barney Iller, curious about Doppelgenger and really honored to join the faculty at TBE.

One thing that draws all these cats together is that they are folks who care about music, make and support it with lots of energy, and also really engage with their minds and souls as well as their turntables and computers and such. They are great examples of how thinking (critically) about music makes music better - not just individual songs being better (although check out some tracks from these cats, whooh!), but by helping create an active, creative thinking community of artists. Super inspiring! And fun as hell to dance to. Hope to see friendly faces out and about, and it looks like I'll be back the following week as well, so watch this space.