Saturday, September 24, 2011

DC: speaking and Djing

In January I was lucky enough to be invited to DC for World's Fair Use Day (where I for once got to play the straightgal to the panel discussion on hip-hop and sampling alongside Das Racist). While there I met some fantastic people, including more folks from the Future of Music Coalition, and from the amazing Dj Collective Anthology of Booty.

All that led to much plotting and planning, and the first phase is complete! Which means a triumphant return to DC to speak on another panel, and this time DJ my first DC gig, courtesy of the Anthology of Booty crew! (check out this awesome piece where they discuss how to play raunchy music without destroying the vibe for women - all djs take note - and this hot mix from the whole crew.)

October 1, at the back bar of the 9:30 Club - Diasporas - alongside DJ Bent
rsvp on facebook here

and it's a bit of a reunion, because who is playing upstairs? none other than DAS RACIST so you can rock out upstairs and then check us out below.

and then, Monday and Tuesday, you can sober up (or not) and make it out  to the Future of Music Coalition's Policy Summit. Full schedule here.
I'm on a panel called Killer Apps, Conflicting Law: Remixing Compensation in Music Services
alongside one of my favorite scholars, Jessica Litman. It should be a lively one! I'll be bringing in my research based in about 13 months living in Jamaica as well as my experience as a DJ for 16 years across 19 countries.

There may well be a happy hour Tuesday night as well, which I might even dj at for a bit, will confirm as I know more. But I hope to see DC area peoples out in full force on the 1st!