Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, I  just moved back to Brooklyn, and I wanted to throw a party to celebrate. But because I can never just do one thing.. I want to use this moment bring together people involved in all levels of music culture technology politics to start some conversations plots & plans AND get sweaty.

And because NY is awesome, DJ Chief Boima, Kat Fyte, Dj D'hana and I are gonna play, Mista Chatman will get up on the mic, DJ Shakey will demo her amazing audio controller she built, and D'hana will show excerpts from LOOSE: a film xe made about remixing identity, genderqueer life and racial performance.

So it's a chance to cross paths with hackers, ethnomusicologists, djs, MCs, producers, occupiers, curators, activists, journalist, artists, promoters, archivists, and pundits. I've invited a lot of amazing people -- the early side of the night is about meeting & talking as well as demos and screenings. and then awesome dancing and bass beats from round the world and round the way.

Please come & bring friends. it's Feb 3 (a Friday) in the back room at Public Assembly and it's free!
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