Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tonight (Thursday) and Monday (April 9)

Lots of things in the works. some visuals to tide you over

Tonight in Boston. And I'm on a panel discussion with at least half the people on this flyer, moderated by the mighty Wayneandwax, tomorrow as part of  the Together Festival.

the panel:

and Monday in Brooklyn:

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  1. just wanted to say this panel was amazing! thank you so much for your contributions, and especially your honesty in talking about race and class so openly. my fave: "that was my goal, to create a space where everyone could come, it wasn't supposed to be a space for white people to feel good about appreciating that music from a distance." this gets to the heart of appropriation and just makes me really optimistic about better spaces existing in the world. thanks so much, please keep up all yr amazing work!