Sunday, September 16, 2012

And.. MONDAY the 17th

I'm super happy to be invited to take over the decks for the amazing MPEACH while she is touring in Venezuela with Geko Jones.

Candelation is a monday monthly at the ever-delightful Bembe. This is seriously the nicest bar in Williamsburg - it's comfortable, softly lit, there are couches along the side, people make a dancefloor down the middle when the party gets hopping. The bartenders are friendly and the bar is well-stocked with the kinds of tasty tropical juices that make this nondrinker very happy, as well as those who like mixed drinks with names not in English. I'm there from 10pm-4am so come through any time and soak up the vibe!

I just got confirmation of the show recently and so I whipped up a little flyer, extremely low budget but it conveys the relevant info.

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