Friday, September 14, 2012

More on music, politics, why white activists often fail at connecting the two

I wrote a thing for Viewpoint magazine extending some of the issues Thanu (Dj Ushka) Yakupitiyag and I raised in the workshop “radical organizing from the dancefloor” at the Allied Media Conference

Links to InciteFierceleonineantiheroinerevolutionarycriesinfrontantcenter, some of the many many people, especially queer women of color, who have been having these conversations for a while. Points made in my piece have been made by them, and many others, in relation to twerking, dancehall, club music, nightlife etc. I add to it my own experiences and what I learned during my research and time spent in Jamaica learning from people there about what musicking meant and did for them.

Re-using the title from my old mix was too good to resist (although I wish I could have made a new mix especially for this, maybe next time), anyway, here it is: To the party members, thanks to Viewpoint for giving me the platform.

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