Monday, February 18, 2013

hello exile!

Thrilled to present my latest mix.

The mix is a love-letter to the perfect combination of raw, live enthusiasm and musical excellence that was Jungle in the 1990s. In2013, as footwork and other urban bass sounds bring to the front some more 'dark' and aggressive musical styles, these tracks haunt my ears, still sounding fresh and influential. I open up my well-traveled vinyl collection for 15-year-old records from my earliest DJ sets, weaving in music from then till now: most made by friends and colleagues I've crossed paths with in my tours across 19 countries on 3 continents.

I intend it as a joyful menace: troubling all the hierarchies out there and having fun doing it. This isn't music from the margins, it hails up lives, communities, worlds in exile. Gothic and darkstyle Jungle, the ominous side of footwork, and the punk aesthetic of my youth, all entangle with the threat to dominant social norms presentedby the thread of Black and Caribbean culture that runs through most ofthe music I love best. I also wanted to queer up the jungle, a move without which Babylon can never truly fall. Dance music's omnivorous digesting of culture can brings out the best interactions, on the dancefloor and in production: I end my take on that by mixing two of my favorite voice/beat combinations under the calling of dark birds.

See you on the dancefloor!!

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