Sunday, September 22, 2013

New York Fall & pirate radio documentaries for inspiration

Not a lot to report from the end of the summer, except that the Rockaway Party was a blast. Endless thanks to my fellow djs and to all the lovely dancing people who come out. A few pics are up here, though they don't really do justice to the beauty of the event.

September has been quieter - the usual nice gig at the Rubin Museum, and I will round out the month playing with the awesome band Pegasus Warning at Bowery Electric on Sept. 30, before heading back to the Rubin Museum again October 4.

Definitely seeking more gigs in the NY and US/Northeast area, and have some more in the works!

Working on some new projects as well, including a scholarly piece on UK pirate radio (of which there is surprisingly little written outside of music journalism). However there are a slew of great and (unintentionally as well as intentionally) funny BBC documentaries floating around.

Here's Making Waves 

And another one called Radio Renegades - part one below

 there's also Part 2 and Part 3

and here's a short one:

and a nice trip into the jungle era featuring quite a bit of Rude FM and a window into the beatmaking too: "I like to go for a b-line, or bassline, whatever you want to call it" (and a little window into little old white English lady racism)

On another note: a website redesign coming - note the addition of the TALKS page up above, since I am still getting booked as a public speaker I thought I should include a list of what I've done so far. But a more substantial transformation is in the works!