Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Day gig

2014 had some great moments and some really tough times. But it's been a good year for music, and for good friends old and new.

I'm pleased to announce that for the month of January I will be doing a residency every Thursday at the Ace Hotel Lobby, starting off with this Thursday, January 1.

 Please help me ring in the new year in a warm and friendly fashion. I will provide a soundtrack of rocksteady, dub, ska, cumbia, global reggae, and a bit of soulful and ragga 2step garage, plus whatever else stirs my fancy. The Ace Hotel provides big leather couches, fancy drinks, Stumptown coffee and good food. We're there 8pm-midnight and it's FREE! RSVP on Facebook here if you like

Monday, November 10, 2014

November update

Happy November!

You can catch DJ Ripley at any of three shows this week; one in Durham, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn that's livestreaming on the very internet you're on right now... so no excuses!  

Come out or tune in and get low.
Thursday, November 13
DJ Ripley set from 9pm to 10pm
Live at Caracas Arepa Bar, BK
Livestreaming at www.LRMTO.com

Latin.Radio.Music.Take-Over (LRMTO) is a platform for the community and Latin/Global sound lovers in New York City, celebrating Central & South America's past, present and future sounds; influencing a global audience of music lovers, our New York art community and simply the people! In conjunction with Venezuelan restaurant Caracas Arepa BarDuttyArtzMPeach and Kyra Caruso bring together New York's diverse latin music and art community, delivering what moves us. Entry both online and in person is free.

LRMTO features sets with over a dozen artists from noon to midnight; DJ Ripley is scheduled to go live from 9pm to 10pm.

Friday, November 14 - 6 to 10pm
K2 Friday Nights at
The Rubin Museum of Art

During K2 Friday Nights, CafĂ© Serai at The Rubin Museum of Art becomes the K2 Lounge, serving tasty small plates and delicious drinks to an arts minded crowd. DJ Ripley spins predominantly Central and South Asian dance music every K2 Friday Night from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.  Museum admission is free.

Saturday, November 15
#PartyIllegal at The Pinhook
Durham, North Carolina
w/ PlayPlay, One Duran, BirdGherl
10:00pm to 2:00am - $8 - 18+

DJ Ripley hits the road for a rare North Carolina show on Saturday, November 15 at Durham's own The Pinhook.  With special openers DJ PlayPlay, One Duran and BirdGherl.  Show starts at 10:00pm and tickets are only $8; 18 and over to enter.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Cross posted from here

This year has been a year of expansion & experimentation for me, from the chance to play Lincoln Center with Ushka, Dutty Artz/Kafundo collaborators Buraka Plays Som and Charanjit Singh, to my new gig as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Business at NYU. I’ve also been branching out creatively, with new collaborations in the works in production/remixing (more on that forthcoming), and this week, a new live performance experience – I will be performing a live DJ set with amazing drummer/percussionist/beatmaker Ravish Momin. He is an esteemed jazz drummer and Indian percussionist who has toured across the world alongside many free jazz greats as well as with multiple iterations of his own band, Tarana.
We hope this will be different from other live drums/DJ sets out there – we are interested in layers and textures, as well as rhythms, and also in not having live drums replicate or imitate programmed beats -we want to push the differences as well as the similarities of sound. Ravish also incorporates Ableton and midi triggers into his drum kit, processing his own sounds on the fly, so there will be even more options for experimentation. It’s  first for both of us, and we are excited to try it out!
Even better, we are doing it under the auspices of a great project organized by composer Lukas Ligeti,Pidgin Culture. A pidgin is a trade language made up of pieces of other languages, it’s generated by people from different places who have an urgent need to communicate. Pidgins are not proud, they are practical, often simple, and facilitate cross-cultural communication, ideally for common goals. The goal of the organization (linked to mine and many of those involved in Dutty Artz) is fostering: “a new creativity and help[ing] tap into new ways of perceiving and understanding art and the world.”
This event brings together some amazing experimental and avant-garde musicians from a variety of cultures and traditions. Alongside myself & Ravish Momin, the event includes other stellar performers. A note on Kevin Shea, who I THOUGHT I first saw in his great jazz band “Mostly Other People Do The Killing,” but then I realized I had seen him in Storm and Stress, years ago… and isn’t he in a dub band? Clearly he is in the kind of multifarious worlds I favor. Anyway the whole lineup is nuts:
Talibam! (Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea) meets Li Daiguo & Rick Parker
Li Daiguo & Rick Parker (solo and duo)

LI DAIGUO is based in China, a musical polymath proficient at a dozen different instruments along with throat-singing and beatboxing and a dynamic live performer known for his eclectic collaborations with a seemingly-limitless roster of colorful characters and ensembles. >>>http://genjingrecords.com/archives/5499
RICK PARKER combines jazz, experimental, electronic and rock, casting a broad net with his trombone playing augmented by electronics and synthesizers. He has worked with a large cross section of notable musicians and groups including Tim Berne, Mingus Big Band, Charli Persip, Frank Lacy, plus hip-hop legends the Wu-Tang Clan and DMC. Since 2012, he has been a member of Ravish Momin’s Tarana, performing at concerns and festivals across the world. Parker’s innovative use of electronics with the trombone have allowed him to cross through many musical genres and even garnered the attention of manufacturers Electroharmonix and Eventide with whom he has consulted on the development of new pedals and effects. >>> http://www.rickparker.net/
TALIBAM! (Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea) VIGILANTLY BOLSTERING SONIC DIVERSITY & HUMAN COMPASSION SINCE 2003. >>> http://talibam.bandcamp.com/
I will also play a DJ set after the show – blending into it from the set with Ravish, so you’ll get a chance to dance it all out at the end.
Facebook RSVP here.
doors at 8, music at 9, $10 cover! Trans Pecos 915 Wycoff Ave, Queens, New York 11385

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ending the tour with a boooooom

Wow, 24 days on the road went quickly! And I topped it all off with this:

Yes! I got to inaugurate a new venue at Lincoln Center, alongside Ushka,

Baiana System, and the amazing Charanjit Singh!

This was all courtesy of Globalfest and the Lincoln Center out of Doors series, and it was a truly wonderful way to return to New York. Ushka and I wanted to wear something in solidarity with Gaza, and I send many heartfelt thanks, along with love & support to M. Awawdeh for sharing some keffiyehs with us to wear on Eid, as we took up space in the heart of NYC.

(We felt nothing but support for wearing them, which was lovely as well - many people thanked us or told us they liked them).

For the summer tour, check my instagram feed for many many shots...

Thousands of thanks to the wonderful dancers and DJs and all my amazing hosts:

  • DJ Zhao in Berlin, for having the chutzpah to book a party AND a lecture on a night when Germany was playing in the world cup. (people came!)
  • DaFerWa in Krefeld (and the whole family who hosted me for my delirious gig), a true globalplayer 
  • PalmWine in Turin - who also hosted me in Milan for three days of art & conversation from 6pm-12am every night
  • Another Green in Venice -hosting me for FIVE days of late night wandering and tourist-dodging, and also carrying the entire sound system on his back across canals and footbridges, also big up Serra Dei Giardini for hosting the event although you guys should really get your own sound system
  • Empress Club for hosting a talk and a gig at Cafe Strom/ Stadtwerkstatt. Big BIG ups to DJ Noisyboy for rocking the decks with me and we had a fantastic B2B at the end of the night with a proper ragga jungle sendoff
  • Mexchillin and the whole Tropical Dresden crew, such a pretty city, too short a visit this time..
  • Recyclart Brussels for having me play their outdoor festival and feeding me tasty vegetarian food also big up Pap and everyone at the Aksum coffee house for the best best best coffee in Brussels and the passion fruit cake from heaven (I went every day and had cake every day)
  • Sfinks Mixed festival (running in the same small town in belgium since 1976) including all the lovely volunteers who picked me up & drove me back and took care of me at the show, and the nice sound people who kept replacing the turntables that were doing weird things during my set..
  • Major thanks to SebCat and the Rebel-Up crew for hosting me in Brussels 

And a huge shout-out to D.Wattsriot of Fun-Da-Mental, now a killer DJ, we finally got to meet after years of internetting and it was instant old friends. We made up for lost time with something like a 10-hour hangout. Some of the pluses of all my years of touring are all the great networks of people I've been lucky to get to know and even play with, and I'm grateful this luck is continuing..

Monday, June 30, 2014

Montreal fun with family - also new audio: radio interview!!

Made it to Montreal for a  hot minute to play with the Tropical Vortex crew (The Salivation Army and DreamsComeTrue).  I was also lucky to be interviewed by the historic and amazing Venus radio crew, I later learned this show was co-founded in 1998 by my old friend and also amazing scholar (check her new book) Erin Macleod!!

Click on the pic for the link to the archive, music is good from jump, the conversation starts about 30 minutes in, interspersed with lovely music from many great people. Many thanks to Aditri and Xania for the good conversation!

And then Friday was the party! It was a nice space, and we had a sort of 2:15am rush including a crew requesting azonto, which led to an azonto/dembow/ukgarage set for the last 45 minutes or so..
Here we are at the end of the night with some other amazing friends and talents:

From left to right: Selecta K7, yours truly DJ Ripley, Tarana (the beats half of the band aka forthcoming project Indians with MRCRiddims), The Salivation Army, Dreamscometrue

Dreamscometrue and I had met a few years back when he booked me in Halifax for an awesome event - a combination public talk/DJ set (in this case the public talk was a panel discussion with some amazing thinkers/scholars/artists) - this is something I am doing more and more of and really enjoy. there will be more of them coming in Europe in the next month, watch this space for details!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

New mix: Etoro Sessions

A while ago, the talented ISA GT asked me to do a mix for her great podcast/radio show: Etoro Sessions.

I was honored - I mean, check that lineup! From Sonido Berzerk, Boston's Pajaritos crew's RioBamba to the mighty Veneno, Vamanos, Panik Disco, and so many more great sets...

Anyway after trials and tribulations, technical problems and snowstorms, I pulled it together. It's heavy bass meets latin sounds with a few trips farther afield (catch some uzbek pop sneaking in courtesy of my audiodigging for my Rubin museum gigs). A full hour of sounds, have fun and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February gig update - *NOW WITH A NEW MIX*

**EDITED TO ADD: I got so excited about the FEX party, and also so wanted to warm myself up from this winter gloom, that I made the most posi litlle mix I've every done. LIsten or download for your 36 minutes of happy. And please feel free comment on your favorite parts of the track - I love to see comments!***

Feb 1 I'm in Chicago for Foreign Exchange, a lovely group of folks who are doing likeminded parties to the Dutty Artz/Que Bajo/IBomba/Azucar! fam here in New York. I'll be playing alongside DJ Newlife and Itzi Nallah
 21+| Free before 10pm, $5 after | SubT Lounge | 2011 W. North Ave | Chicago

Mondays in February, back here in New York I have a weekly residence at the Ace Hotel lobby! Come through and say hello! I will be playing more vinyl and chill sounds, in a nice space. The food and drinks are excellent, and the couches are comfy.
Free | 8pm-12am | Ace Hotel | 20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

Feb 7 (Friday) I have another chillout set, focusing on Central Asian pop vibes, at the Rubin Museum for Asian Art. 
Free | 6pm-10pm | K2 Lounge at the Rubin Museum | 150 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

Feb 8 (saturday) I get to do a rockin' dance party again! I'm thrilled to be back at Azucar! hosted by the amazing Ivette & Krystal at One Last Shag, this queer latin bass music party has a delightful crowd, great atmosphere, plenty of dancing and a backyard (with heat lamps, even). 
Sat. Jan | 11th 10pm-4am | One Last Shag | 348 Franklin Ave. BK
$5 til midnight | $7 after | 21+  ►$5 ALL NIGHT if you join THE JOTO LIST◄ http://eepurl.com/z4tGz
DRINK SPECIALS ALL NIGHT!  $5 Beer + Tequila Shot

The theme and other guests are still being decided, check back for updates on that.

There may be more to come, but this is a good start for the new year, so come out and say hello!