Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ending the tour with a boooooom

Wow, 24 days on the road went quickly! And I topped it all off with this:

Yes! I got to inaugurate a new venue at Lincoln Center, alongside Ushka,

Baiana System, and the amazing Charanjit Singh!

This was all courtesy of Globalfest and the Lincoln Center out of Doors series, and it was a truly wonderful way to return to New York. Ushka and I wanted to wear something in solidarity with Gaza, and I send many heartfelt thanks, along with love & support to M. Awawdeh for sharing some keffiyehs with us to wear on Eid, as we took up space in the heart of NYC.

(We felt nothing but support for wearing them, which was lovely as well - many people thanked us or told us they liked them).

For the summer tour, check my instagram feed for many many shots...

Thousands of thanks to the wonderful dancers and DJs and all my amazing hosts:

  • DJ Zhao in Berlin, for having the chutzpah to book a party AND a lecture on a night when Germany was playing in the world cup. (people came!)
  • DaFerWa in Krefeld (and the whole family who hosted me for my delirious gig), a true globalplayer 
  • PalmWine in Turin - who also hosted me in Milan for three days of art & conversation from 6pm-12am every night
  • Another Green in Venice -hosting me for FIVE days of late night wandering and tourist-dodging, and also carrying the entire sound system on his back across canals and footbridges, also big up Serra Dei Giardini for hosting the event although you guys should really get your own sound system
  • Empress Club for hosting a talk and a gig at Cafe Strom/ Stadtwerkstatt. Big BIG ups to DJ Noisyboy for rocking the decks with me and we had a fantastic B2B at the end of the night with a proper ragga jungle sendoff
  • Mexchillin and the whole Tropical Dresden crew, such a pretty city, too short a visit this time..
  • Recyclart Brussels for having me play their outdoor festival and feeding me tasty vegetarian food also big up Pap and everyone at the Aksum coffee house for the best best best coffee in Brussels and the passion fruit cake from heaven (I went every day and had cake every day)
  • Sfinks Mixed festival (running in the same small town in belgium since 1976) including all the lovely volunteers who picked me up & drove me back and took care of me at the show, and the nice sound people who kept replacing the turntables that were doing weird things during my set..
  • Major thanks to SebCat and the Rebel-Up crew for hosting me in Brussels 

And a huge shout-out to D.Wattsriot of Fun-Da-Mental, now a killer DJ, we finally got to meet after years of internetting and it was instant old friends. We made up for lost time with something like a 10-hour hangout. Some of the pluses of all my years of touring are all the great networks of people I've been lucky to get to know and even play with, and I'm grateful this luck is continuing..