Friday, September 18, 2015

Ripley on Saturday 19th 6-8pm PST!

I love radio, especially pirate and community radio. I'm hoping to deepen my involvement in it soon, but until that time I've been blessed to have a chance to play and be interviewed on a great show: Culture Remixed.

Culture Remixed is hosted by community internet radio station Radio Sombra, which physically resides (as all radio, even internet radio, must do) in Espacio 1839, Boyle Heights. The genesis of this station and community center and its social history is a beautiful story for anyone interested in autonomous culture, community media making and forward-thinking projects, luckily one of the people who helped tell it (in conversation with one of the founders and member of the collective Marco Amador) is Oliver Wang aka O-dub, one of the the growing cohort of scholar-djs out there: check out this great piece and interview with Marco.

Culture Remixed is one of many great shows, but as the title implies, close to my heart in ethos, with a creative and wide-ranging approach to radio, attending to the communities and cultures that spring from and generate music.

The show airs tomorrow, Saturday September 19, 6-8pm Pacific Time (that's 9-11pm Eastern time), the archive will be up shortly after. But if you can, tune in!!

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