Wednesday, December 23, 2015

HEAVY 001 recap

HEAVY had a dancefloor from 9:30 to 2:10!

We kicked off with Anna Morgan DJ on deck and a storming and relentlessly positive live performance from Jeo da dancer, and then he and his colleague Nico Fresh rocked out on the dancefloor continually until the music ended. I loved seeing the dancehall moves to drumnbass, footwork, ghetto tek, jungle, dembow, reggaeton, grime and more throughout the night! WE had a great mix of people there, and pretty much everyone hit the dancefloor in all kinds of styles, including multiple breakdance circles, couples dancing, bootshaking and rave styles of all kinds. So good to see musical fam from all across NY's musical spectrum who were down for our particular kind of eclectic bass mayhem!

Mel G threw down such a fantastic and high energy set of detroit sounds from ghetto tek to footwork.

Riobamba absolutely slayed the scene with a wide-ranging and ferocious set of reggaeton, dembow, dancehall, 3bal, jersey club and all kinds of other heat.

Oblig brought the Grime heat, switching it up more at the end of his set.

and I wound it up by unleashing some of my beloved ragga jungle and early dnb at the end of the night, combining with new sounds for a half-vinyl, half-mp3 set of all bass madness!

Such an honor to bring this together and feeling pretty blessed by the positive high energy everyone brought. Especially great to work with Dj Anna Morgan, we're gonna do some fun things together in 2016!

Big cheers to Heather for awesome pix - check out the full set!

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