Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mexico City Recap!

A massive cheer to Ali Gua Gua for hosting me and linking me to some wonderful people in Mexico City. I can't even begin to describe all the great things about this place, but certainly the gigs, especially at Pulqería Insurgentes (Courtesy of Ali and the fabulous Terrorista Del Sabor), and at Foro Normandie (big thanks to the Frikstailers and everyone involved, and Pa Kongal for the amazing set), were a high point for me.

What's that sound? 
photo credit Hanna Quevedo) from a review here (my translation):
"Dj Ripley gave a great disquisition of hidden gems you've probably never heard! Fascinating how someone can use so many styles and so many artists to create a work of sound art one can both hear and feel."

I also got to meet some of the people involved with LUCHADORAS which is an online TV series focusing on women all over Mexico (and beyond) who are fighting to improve the situation of women. We had a nice talk and a bit of an interview (hope to find a link for that soon), and I am looking forward to building more with them and supporting them in the work they do!

I will be back soon! Can't wait to throw down some heavy bass with Sonido Berzerk, maybe get experimental alongside Tarana on their next tour, and tear up more clubs and other spaces within and beyond Mexico City!