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Invited Presentations & Symposia (for a slightly fuller accounting of my work as a scholar & public speaker, please see this page:

" Savage intimacy, deviant safety: surveillance technology and club culture" at International Association for Media and Communications Research, Cartagena, CO. July 2017

"Exilic airwaves in state systems: UK Pirate radio and autonomous culture" at Fordham Law School. 2016

"Bodies and Broadcasting: Pirate Radio and Offline Musical Community for Immigrants in New York" at Society for Ethnomusicology annual meeting in Austin, TX. December 2015

"Creativity, Copyright and Flourishing Culture" Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice, Howard Law School. November, 2015.

"Pirate Radio, underground culture and the state" at Lo Sverso. Florence, Italy. July 2015

"Soundsystem culture and Black technological expertise" at the Hip Hop and Technology Symposium, Utah State University. Logan, UT, USA. March 2015

"Intimacy in Exilic Spaces" the Empress Club at Cafe Strom. Linz, Austria. July 18, 2014

"Body Politics: Dance Musics and Radical Places" at Serra Dei Giardini, July 15, 2014

"Submerged Voices in Underground Performance" Plenary session, Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, American Library Association. June 24, 2013

"White Faces in Intimate Spaces: the Jamaican Street Dance in Global Circulation" Law and Society Association Annual Meeting. May, 2013

“Dancing at the Margins: Exclusion and Capitalism in Performative Arts”
Supported by Dalhousie Law School’s Feminist Legal Collective, March 14, 2013

“Listening Spaces, Exile and Intimacy.” Listening Spaces Symposium, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University. October 19th, 2012

“When the Wrong Side is the Right Side: The Harms of Digital Inclusion” Olin College of Engineering Technology & Culture Seminar Series. Sept 25, 2012

“Exile, Resistance, Occupation, Music” Clandestino Festival. Göteborg, SE. June 8, 2012

“International Approaches to the Creative Economy” at Engaging Data: Arts and Culture Research in the Digital Age, Western States Arts Foundation Cultural Policy Symposium. April 13, 2012

“Beyond the Benefit Concert: Innovating Activism, Activating Artists” at Innovate/Activate! UC Berkeley Law School. April 23, 2012

“Is it All in our Heads? Music and Metadata” All2gethernow, music and technology festival. Käter Holzig, Berlin, Germany. November 4, 2011

“Killer Apps, Conflicting Law: Remixing Compensation in Music Services” (Panelist) Future of Music Policy Summit, Washington, DC. October 4, 2011

“From Jamaica to di World! Musical Identity in a Globally Networked Context” Microsoft Social Media Research Collective. July 26, 2011

“Music, Metadata and Memory: How We Already Own what is Shared” Dorkbot/ Studio for Creative Industry at Carnegie Mellon University. July 2, 2011

“Indigenous Science” Bay Area Video Coalition Producers' Institute. June 11-18, 2011 Panelist and mentor to team of digital documentary makers.

"Visions For The Future" Berklee College of Music/MIDEM "Rethink Music" Conference. April 26 2011

Berkman Luncheon Series. "Decolonizing copyright: Jamaican street dances and globally networked technology" Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University. March 22, 2011

“Decolonizing Networked Technology: Learning from the Dancehall,” Bits Without Borders: Law, Communications & Transnational Culture Flow in the Digital Age. Intellectual Property & Communications Law Program. Michigan State Law School, September 24, 2010

“Slayers Club and The Hub of the JCCSF Present: Copyright Criminals”
Moderated panel discussion on copyright and creativity.  Featuring local & internationally famous artists and entertainment lawyers. At Mighty, San Francisco, CA, Sept 23, 2010

“From Jamaica to London: Creativity, Communication and Copyright Law”
Colloquium series (Crosspollinate Jackson), at Jackson Community Design Center, Jackson, MS, June 25, 2010

“Jamaican Sound Systems and the Politics of Permission”
Colloquium, “Art & Culture of the DJ” at Festival on the Hill, University of North Carolina. Feb 19 2010

“Jamaican Cultural Practice and Copyright”
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, Oct 5, 2009

“Answer! Conversation vs. Permission in Jamaican Music-making”
Sound Summit music festival, Newcastle, Australia Oct 3 2009

“Copyright and Creative Practice from Jamaica to the Open Source Movement: A Conversation with Larisa Mann & Karl Fogel” 
The Change You Want to See Gallery & Upgrade NY. Sept 3 2009

“Practice not Property: Musical Improvisation vs. Copyright Law”
Takeovers & Makeovers: Artistic Appropriation, Fair Use, and Copyright in the Digital Age. Sponsored by the Berkeley Art Museum and the Berkeley Center for New Media. November 11 2008

“Sampling Building Community: Club Music and Locality”
Free Culture Conference 2008, UC Berkeley. October 8 2008

“Sampling, Creativity, and Open Source Culture”
Panel hosted by Dr. Tina Piper, Center for Intellectual Property Policy, McGill University, at PopMontreal. October 3 2008

“Copyright vs. Creativity” 
Panel discussion at MUTEK: Montreal Electronic Music and Digital Creativity Festival, Montreal. June 4 2008

“DIY = DIT: New Social Practices and Digital Distribution” 
Panel discussion, UC Institute for Research in the Arts Conference, UC Berkeley Art Museum. May 19 2007

“Copyfight: the Future of Remix/Mashup Culture”
Panel discussion, film festival (produced by RES Media Group (RMG). The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, Nov 13, 2005

“‘All T'ief is T'ief?’: Intellectual Property, Music and Economic Development” 
Institute for Commonwealth Studies, Univ. of London. October 16, 2000

“Telling a Story with Music.” Youth workshop at Arts Greenhouse, Pittsburgh, PA October 11, 2012

“Making a Community Mixtape for Jackson.” A workshop with local youth on music, community and dj skills. Jackson, MS, 2010 

"How and Why to Let Others Remix/Mashup Your Work" SXSW- Music, Austin, TX. March 21, 2015

"The Virtues of Illegality: UK Pirate Radio and Marginalized Communities" National Communication Association. November 21, 2013

"Crossing Borders, Exilic Space: The Video Light in Global Circulation." American Anthropology Association. November 14, 2012

“Radical Organizing From the Dancefloor” and “The Music is in Us: Metadata and Cultural Connection” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI, June 28, 2012

“We Come Alive: Making Exilic spaces for Remixing Social Life” at Radical Aesthetics and Politics. Hunter College, Dec. 11, 2012

"Music & Metadata: Do Songs Remain the Same?" South By SouthWest - Interactive Technology Festival, March 14, 2011

"Invisible Cities: Mapping Media In Underground Art & Music " Unofficial Music Festival at SXSW, March 16, 2011

“Between Copyright and Democracy: Answer Songs, Conversation and Permission in Jamaican music,” Law & Society Association Annual Meeting. May 28, 2010

“Rights in Cyberspace: Public Attitudes about Online Privacy,” Law & Society Association Annual Meeting. June 3, 2008

“Shaping, Breaking, and Taking Research: Intellectual Property Law Dilemmas and Challenges From The Field,” Society for Ethnomusicology. Nov 17, 2006

“Listening to Law, Getting Law to Listen: Musical Practice and Legality,” International Association for the Study of Popular Music Annual Meeting. Nov 13, 2005

“Shaky Ground, Thin Air: Intellectual Property Law and the Jamaican Music Industry,” Caribbean Studies Association Annual Meeting. University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Barbados: June 5, 2001

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